Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here we go...

2009 is coming to a close. And FAST! Can you believe how fast it's gone by? If you're anything like me, you are trying to wrap up the last of your holiday *stuff* and finally sit back and enjoy the season! LOL! Easier said than done, eh? I've sure been busy here. Two kids who are OVER the moon that Santa will soon be visiting, anxiously (in a good way) awaiting Christmas with my family, missing those I cannot be with this year and two fairly new Etsy shops too. I'm trying to keep the latter full and update them almost daily (as so many have told me, it is the *secret*, we'll see! LOL!) while prepping for the rest! I've been making tons of new jewels for jenuinejewels and even some knitting for jenuinejems. I love to knit this time of year. The weather is FRIGHTFUL here in MN, and I love curling up with some yarn by the fire. I typically just gift my knitting, as it is such a labor of love! I think the price tag on a hand made scarf or hat or anything, really....will NEVER match what someone has really put into a hand made jem. Especially a hand knit or crochet jem!

This brings me to a kind soul I met on Etsy and her beautiful hand made jems! I *met* (in stars because I haven't actually seen her - but feel like I know her a bit now...LOL) Alanah on Etsy many months ago when we were both getting our shops started. I am quite sure she puts as much heart into her things as I... She was so kind to include me in an Etsy treasury over the weekend! She added my path less followed necklace to a group of fabulous things!

She has a fab jewelry shop, alanahjoy, which is filled with beautiful jewels and her newest venture is yarnplusyarn, which she and her two sisters just opened! Check out these great earrings from her alanahjoy Etsy shop! I just love them!
She has so many great jewels, so check out her jewelry shop from time to time!
Her NEWEST shop, yarnplusyarn also has SO many great jems! She and her sisters just started this great shop and you can get to know them all a bit too. Check out their blog,
Seriously, aren't they darling! They are so talented too! Here are some of their great shop goodies! I love this necklace. So original and unique.

This hat is beautiful too! This neckwarmer is sooo pretty too!
I love the color and detail! There are too many great things to show you but please check them all out! You will love them too! I promise! Thank you Alanah and yarnplusyarn for including me in your treasury! Thank you for creating such gorgeous hand made treasures for all, it is truly a labor of love... My best to you and your sisters on your new shop and a great 2010!!!

So now I must get back to my crazy holiday life! Santa has much to do and apparently, he forgot to send his elves to MY house! LOL! He also forgot to make enough Barbie Campers...grrrrrr! I have to awake in the wee hours and hunt this *jem* down! LOL! And then there's the laundry...
Hope you're all smiling still, I'm trying!

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