Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello ice!

Oh, here we go. It's winter in MN now. I have a picky internal thermometer - it's the *southern* in me and when it dips below 20, well, it's winter. When I first arrived here in Minneapolis 3 years ago, my cold alarm sounded around 40 degrees but I've mellowed and adjusted! LOL! Now when it's -20, and that won't be long now - I'm a raging ice witch! No amount of time in the arctic circle will get me used to that! LOL! When it goes even below that - and it does - I start checking airfare! LOL! This is the time of year that I'm ok with the cold though. It looks pretty when we get that first layer of snow, it gets you in the holiday mood, the kids love it and they are darling with their rosy cheeks. Mine want to go outside now, even if it's just for a few minutes, because then they can talk me into hot chocolate to warm them up! LOL! This plan used to bug me, but now that they are old enough to layer on all of the winter gear without me - which takes longer than the actual time they spend outside - I tell them to go for it and I just start prepping the cocoa! LOL! I do get more of my work done this time of year too. I get plenty of time inside to create and for that, I am thankful. I've been busy doing just that. I've been on a jewel high! I can't get all of my new jewels listed fast enough. Sarah and Grant join me in my art room these days too. Here's some pictures of them from today with their own *jems*. I love that they are so creative. Sarah especially, tells me all the time that she wants to be an artist. I have no idea what she'll do as the years pass, and at 7, I doubt she does either, but I do think she will always connect with her creative side in some capacity and that just makes my heart happy. I have been so neglectful of my jenuinejems etsy shop since I opened jenuinejewels that I finally got busy on something for my jems shop! Check out these wine charms! I will be listing these tomorrow! Personalized wine charms with initials and birthstones. I also made a cool photograph pendant/necklace for my jenuinejewels shop. Check this out... This is an original photograph taken by me over 10 years ago in Maui while Rob and I were on our honeymoon. It's one of my favorite photos ever so it was a natural pick for my first photo necklace try! The whole necklace has such a vintage earthy feel. I just love it! I hope you do too.

Also made a few things to add to my jens cause section at jenuinejewels. Some new pretty jewels in pink. I love these rose quartz earrings. I promise these are some of the PINKEST rose quartz I've seen in a while. They are stunning all wrapped up in sterling!

I hope you all are having a great weekend full of smiles! Thanks for checking in!

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