Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ain't she a beauty???

FINALLY, she's here! My gorgeous tumbler has arrived! It's been a long time coming and a goal of mine for a while! I wanted to buy it with only money from my sales and I was able to at last!
Check her out....
A vision, isn't she?
Now I just have to figure her out and get all of my shot and grits and things! I can't wait till it's rolling! My jenuine jewels are going to be SO sparkling and fab! For those who are not familiar with tumblers, I will be able to make all of my metal findings (ear wires, clasps, jump rings, head pins, etc) and then tumble them and they will come out scratch free and as shiny as can be. Tumbling also hardens metal, so I will be able to work with some softer metals (easier to work with sometimes) and then throw them in this and they will come out hard and sturdy. You put different types of grit or shot in the barrels, then add water, sometimes a drop of Dawn and then the things you want tumbled in there and then they tumble around for a few hours (those barrels just keep turning around and around). I'll keep you updated on the progress! They say it's a trial and error to get the feel of it. SO excited to start!
I started adding some different things to my shops this week. I started making some jewels from some vintage items I have found and I'm so loving this look, not to mention the fact that it is a sort of recycling. I love that something that was trash-bound or just flat out of style can be turned into something fresh and new. I found some lockets and skeleton keys and it turns out, they make great pendants!

I also got cracking - FINALLY on my jems shop! I had been so neglectful!
I made these gorgeous wine glass charms! I LOVE how they turned out and really they can go an any yummy concoction served in a stem glass. It's just a different look and I'm loving it!

Now I have to find the time to make myself some so I'm ready when the big thaw hits and I can adorn my spring spirits with some glam bling!

I can't forget to mention a fab lady, Sarah and her wonderful blog, simply fun stuff. Her blog is darling and so is her Etsy shop, simply pretty prints. Be SURE to check out her blog because it's so fun AND because she did a lovely feature on me and jenuinejewels and is doing a giveaway for a pair of my earrings! So fun and free, so check it out!

I think that's all I have for now! Need to get back to work! Hope you are all well and smiling! Have a happy Monday!

Smiles, Jen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me again...better late than never, right???

Hey - more free fun!!! Like this ring? Well click on it to win it and read on for more info!!!!

LOL! Oh my! I have gone too long once again! Been busy, as we all are...
My jenuinejewels shop has been a little busier than usual, so I've been working down in my studio fast and furious making new jewels. I have so many new ideas and new sketches in my head. Now I just have to make them come to life. I have a whole new Spring line I've been thinking about and I'm so excited to get to work on them. I did list a few of them - think flowers... my new sign of spring earrings make me think spring. They are simple with clean lines. Love this look! These petal dangle earrings are so cute too! As many of you know, flowers are my fave. I love to grow them, pick them, smell them, paint them and now it seems natural to bring them into my jewels. So stay tuned for more!
I have also been working on all kinds of new things for my jewels shop...
I recently found the Etsy world of beads...never realized what great beads were to be found there! I really like to see my gems in person. Touch them, hold them up close, in the light, under my picky eye! LOL! Turns out there's some like me on Etsy too! Check out some of my new jewels from these finds!
This is my looking glass necklace - I can't count the things I love about it!

This natural prehnite bracelet is so pretty. These stones are so amazing! I'm naturally drawn to blues, so this was new for me and I love it! My cloudberry earrings lo0k great with it too!
Couldn't leave out the blue in my life...

OR without mentioning a new giveaway of one of my jenuinejewels' rings at a fab blog! Check out the darling blog and shop of Amanda! Her blog bleuroo handcrafted sweetness is so neat! She was so kind to do a feature on me! Here's the link to the giveaway pink package ring.

AND her darling Etsy shop is here bleuroo. She is so talented! I love her things! Check out her reusable snack bags! They are so perfect and clever!

Back down to my studio now - lots of Spring things floating around in my head that need to come to life! Stay tuned for the big thaw and the fab jems and jewels to come!

Hope you are all smiling!