Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh yeah... I'm back! LOL!

Um...I know, it's been a while! I can't even tell you WHAT exactly I've been doing. Do you ever have those days? Those weeks? Months even... I know I felt busy the whole time but I've got nothing to show for it! LOL! Well, maybe my kids are blossoming.
We went from busy summer to now, in a flash it seems. I can't believe 2009 is coming to an end already! Another thing my Mom was right about...will that list ever end??? LOL! She always says, enjoy today, enjoy it all because it's going to keep going by faster. So, I have been missing in action, and it's time to get back to today, MY today, my art. I've missed it so.
It wasn't all a wash - I did spend the better part of the Fall knitting. This is the time I always bust out my sticks. The weather is getting cooler and I love curling up on the couch, next to the fire with some gorgeous threads and seeing what I can do. I've really come a long way with my knitting actually. Especially considering I am self-taught. Thank goodness for the Internet and you tube! LOL! You can learn anything with a computer I've decided! Not always the most important life lessons maybe, but still, it's a handy little tool...
I also took a great vacation with my husband and our dearest friends (sans kids!) out to San Fran and Napa, so we could all celebrate our 10 year anniversaries in style! It was truly one of the best times I've had ever! It is so beautiful there and seeing our friends (whom we live far from) was even better! We are already talking about our next trip! That's me and my BBF in heaven!

Now, for the *work*, which I have gotten back too! YAY! It really is good for my heart. I can tell when I'm not creating. I think my family can too, which is ironic, because many times it seems I'm not, because I'm being Mom...
Anyway, I dusted the cobwebs out of my art room and I'm back! As usual, I can't decide what to focus on, so I'm painting and making jewels right now. Made some simple little turquoise earrings with some polished turq that I found some time ago at my local bead haunt. I kept wanting to do something crazy with them, but in the end I think they just stand best on their own with sterling findings. The stones are SO pretty!
I'm also still working on some fun things to do with the gorgeous pineapple quartz I found and these earrings are one thing I came up with. They are just kind of fun! Here's yet ANOTHER earring I did with aqua chalcedony and freshwater pearls. I put these on oxidized sterling. Love these! I guess I'm in an earring mode and didn't realize! They are one accessory I usually always have on. They seem to help bad hair days! That and lip gloss! LOL!

And the painting...
Finally finishing up one I started for myself - still haven't decided if I'll keep it, but I sure love it!
Another one that I need to finish but at least I've started! Can you tell I like flowers? LOL!
And last but not least, an oldie but goody. I've painted these for years for friends and family, but I'm thinking about putting some in my Etsy shop now. They are perfect for a nursery or in a princess room. I also have a *prince* version. I'll have to get a picture of those up - they are darling!
So, that's all I have for now! Probably too much for one blog! LOL! Thanks for reading on and on...
I truly hope you are all well and smiling!

WAIT - one more, can't post without my people! Here they are on Halloween. They were darling - of course!

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