Monday, November 16, 2009

I know, TWO days in a row!

It's a miracle! LOL!
I had to write and let you know the FUN news. Not too long ago, on my birthday, of all days actually, I was featured in a really cool Etsy Treasury put together by sweet Claudia. It was actually one of my kicks in the %^&*, that got me going in my shop again! LOL! Her Etsy shop, moncy3 is DARLING! She creates all kinds of lovely paper goods, as well as many other adorable things.

I had no sooner asked her if I could mention her here and she snagged another Treasury and featured a pair of my earrings from my Etsy shop today! I had to write and let you know about her darling shop so you can check it out and check out her cool Treasury too! My *In the Pink* earrings are there! Last time she had featured my *Your Heart Necklace*!
Here is a link to Claudia's Etsy Shop:

Here is link to her latest Treasury
*To the people who heart me*

A Treasury on Etsy is a little group of items which are handpicked by it's members. They are a really cool way to show off some of the things that you like on Etsy and as a shop keeper, it's super fun to be included in one. They run for a few days and are constantly changing. It's just a little recognition in a sea of talent! So to Claudia (((( THANK YOU )))) and to all, have fun checking out the wonderful talent on Etsy!

Now I want to go snag a Treasury too!
Happy night all!

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