Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's a quiet Wednesday night at my place and here I am. Somewhere I did not see coming. My very own blog. It's funny how life takes you to all of these places you never thought you'd be...places on a map, places of the heart, soul and mind, places in time, and of course there are also the places you dream of going, even the ones you never dreamed. These are some of the fun ones, the scary ones and the ones that will change and grow you. I've been to many of these places before and will no doubt be there again. This is one of those places for me at the moment.
Cyberspace, websites, dreams, business, BLOGS???
To think I was just in a rain forest gecko and princess-filled place just hours ago...
More on that and *the people* later...

Maybe I should introduce myself to those who don't know me...
I'm Jen. I'm a Mom of 2 wonderful people, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a creator. I suppose those are just a very few of the things that I am, but the most important to me. I'm also apparently a cook, house cleaner, laundry fairy (Mom, that's for u), chauffeur, nurse, puke and snot-getter and encyclopedia! Who knew? Oh, I'm a detective too. More on that later too...LOL!
It all reminds me of a fabulous book Oh, The Places You'll Go (classic Dr. Seuss)! Everyone should have at least 2 copies of that in their home btw!

Lately, I'm trying to focus a bit more on Jen, the creator. I guess I've always created, I just never did anything beyond that...I created and these things would sit in a room, on a shelf, on a floor. Waiting to go. Somewhere, anywhere. Maybe it was given to a love, maybe it was given to a stranger and my things, *jems*, as I call them, will still do all of that. I just want to see them go more places now. I want to go more places...with my *jems*...
So here I am on my adventure. Heading places. Places I've dreamed of and places I want to go. It will be filled with the usual crazy - of THAT I'm sure! I'm going anyway - haven't met a place I wouldn't go yet...
Hope you'll check in and see where I'm heading. Even if it's in circles sometimes! LOL!
Hope you're smiling tonight! I am...

I simply cannot throw this blog, my website, my etsy shop and all of this out there without thanking my most precious *jems*, those who have always been there telling me to try this ages ago and you know who you are...xoxoxox!


  1. Yay Jen! I am so excited for you! Glad you are sharing and expanding your fabulous creativity!!!

  2. Thanks Marci! It's all so crazy but it's gonna be fun!