Sunday, May 31, 2009


I don't know about you, but it's been a weekend of firsts here at our home. Firsts are funny, you seem to wait so long for them to arrive, almost wishing them away, and then they come, and you just want them back...
Not all of them, of course. There are many firsts I have no desire to repeat LOL! Like that time at college... like that time when I was on spring that time I called that time my purse was *stolen* (or misplaced by Grant)... or when I wrecked my Dad's brand new Sea Doo into his brand new boat... (yeah, I could go on and on...), but the ones that happened this weekend...well, that's another story all together. These are some firsts that I will always want back. To be honest, no matter how bad, I'd not let a single one of my firsts go. It never ceases to amaze me that all of these things can happen, all at once, in real time and in real life. Sometimes all of these firsts just seem so surreal. Some are good and some are not at all good. But they all teach us something if we are watching. It just so happens that in MY life, this weekend, it was all good. Good firsts are so very sweet. Hell, they all are really...Isn't it fun when lots of good firsts happen at once though?

Hey here's a shot of my heart...
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It was a perfect weekend here in Minni (MN) - 70's, with the most gorgeous sunshine you've ever seen! We pay most of the year, but you simply can't beat a beautiful MN summer day. That was small tomatoes compared to what was coming....

My sweet daughter, Sarah (one of *the people*), who is 7 learned to ride a bike (almost!). That crazy husband of mine, who I mention in my profile, well, he's topping my list at the moment! This was no easy feat! My Sarah is smart, funny, fabulous and CAUTIOUS! A good combo, but yikes, he (Rob, my dh) had his work cut out for him! For the first time she did laps in our yard and even tried the street. There were falls and there was frustration but in the end, sweet S knows she can do it. She was even chanting it, "I can do this, I can DO this, I CAN do this!" I know she believed for the first time, that she could do this (ride a bike). These are the firsts a mom longs for. Firsts we dread too! LOL! It's funny how we tell so many we love that they CAN do it, that they can do anything, when there's so many things we secretly think we can't. Why do we do that? Not all of us...but many. It's hard to try something for the first time and believe we can I suppose. It's like we grow out of that magic along the way...

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My next good thing was being a featured artist on a friend's blog. I hope she doesn't mind my calling her a friend, as we've just met, online. But that is how I feel. She (Donna) has been so kind and has offered me worlds of help in a world I'm just stepping foot in. Again, firsts. If you put yourself out there a little, you just never know the kind souls you may meet. It's worth the leap of fear and firsts in my opinion! Donna is a very kind soul. It was most definitely a first and now I just have to teach myself to chant, "I can do this, I CAN do this..."

Just when I was enjoying the sunset and the end to a perfect, patio and flower-filled weekend, there was more.

My Grant (one of *the people* too), my baby (don't tell him I said that) shouts from the swings in our yard, "Look, I'm doing it, I'm swinging"! There he was - swinging. All by himself. A first. He didn't ask us to push him over and over, he just kept saying, "look at me, I can do it!" And he was doing it, all alone and my heart both swelled and sank with all of these firsts.

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A part of figuring out these firsts (or helping others do so) is a job well done and one that is seemingly over. Only it's not. Not if you are to grow still. It's just a beginning of all new firsts. That is something to smile on.

Seeing my loves conquer all of their firsts, having my precious *jems* celebrating themselves and supporting me in my firsts...( not exactly a first there), has just been amazing. Amazingly sweet and wonderful all at once.

Big smiles to all of you. Celebrate your firsts, as ugly or as fabulous they were and make new firsts every chance you get. You just never know...

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